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The Curriculum is divided up into two paths / areas: Technical and Instructor  


The technical path consists of:
T1A & T1B, T2, T3, T4 and T5
1) Technical level 1 is broken up into two stages A & B. Called T1A & T1B.
T1A are the Fundamentals and Abecedario.
T1B is Seguidas which is Abecedario out of order or random.
2) T2 is Corraidas Part 1 (advanced beginner). This is where the student learns new single techniques and then learns to put them into the mixing bowl of Corraidas.
3) T3 is Corraidas Part 2 ( intermediate ). This is where the student should have enough understanding of timing and techniques that Seguidas moves are now the back up techniques.
4) T4 is Corraidas Part 3 ( advanced intermediate ). This is where the student learns more about baiting and setting people up as well as more techniques.
5) T5 is Corraidas Part 4 ( advanced ). This is where the concepts of Cuentada are learned and practiced. The student will remain the rest of their training at this level for the technical path. As it is a constant learning process.



The instructor path consists of:
I1, I2, I3, I4 and I5.
1) Instructor level 1 (I1) is being able to teach Abecedario and Seguidas T1A&B.
2) I2 is being able to teach
T2 to a student

3) I3 is being able to teach
T3 to a student

4) I4 is being able to teach
T4 to a student

5) I5 is being able to teach
T5 to a student

6) I6 is able to produce a T5 student who also has obtained I5 level
7+) Instructor level 7 thru 10 will be discussed later as need is required.


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